About Bohemian Blossoms

The Designer

Terran Wilford is owner and designer of Bohemian Blossoms. Terran boasts 12 years of floral design experience including a degree in floral artistry. In 2017 Terran officially established her own floral design company operated fully from her home studio in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Terran is dedicated to providing only the finest flowers for weddings, anniversaries, showers and special events.

Why Bohemian Blossoms Florist

Bohemian Blossoms floral design offers a free, personal consultation and estimate for all brides and event planners in search of full floral services. Consultations and bulk flowers are also available for the do-it-yourself party planner for a fee. As a home based studio, Bohemian Blossoms offers bulk flowers and finished designs at a fraction of the cost of traditional flower shops while working with local flower farms and renowned wholesale floral suppliers. Terran has an unpunparalleled ability to turn your vision into a reality, making your special day and currated floral pieces always beautiful and unique. 

About the Name

Terran chose to name her studio Bohemian Blossoms to pay homage to her Czech acenstry as well as her deep rooted connection to the Cedar Rapids Czech Village and Newbo districts. Terran's favorite aspect of this community is their unwavering support of small business and their encouragement of Cedar Rapids residents to shop small and shop local.